Dig-A-Map: Web Search that Projects Documents onto Time and Space

Technological fields
Content, Application Technologies
  • Information retrieval
  • Portal
  • Map information
Laboratory organization
NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories

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This is a Web page retrieval service that can find desired documents at high speed by manipulating ‘place’, ‘time’ and ‘keywords’. After determining the place and time of interest, ‘keywords’ and the geographical distribution of information relevant to those keywords can be determined. The function can also be combined with a Web search engine to retrieve Web pages that contain information relevant to a ‘place’ and ‘time’ range.


  • Web search service in which a range of ‘place’ and ‘time’ of interest can be specified in addition to ‘keywords’.
  • Keywords that are relevant to a particular time and place can be discovered.
  • Keywords can be used to find places that are high in interest.
  • Information specific to a region can be found as well as information on a particular place.
  • Can handle vague search requests such as “Is there anything of interest near this place?”

Application scenarios

  • Travel planning
    • The next travel destination is the Miura peninsula in April. What's going on there?
    • This summer, I want to see fireflies! When and where can I find them?
  • Web browsing by place and time
    • When I search for Ryoma Sakamoto, these places turn red. Why?
    • How was the cherry blossom viewing season last year?
  • Retrieval of information on a place
    • Is there anything of popular interest near this place on this topic?