Human Activity Recognition with Wrist-worn Sensor Device

Technological fields
Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Wearable sensors
  • Activity recognition
  • Elderly care support
Laboratory organization
NTT Communication Science Laboratories

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Activity recognition technology is one of the most important technologies for lifelogging and the care of elderly persons. The recognition method proposed in this study recognizes ‘what a user is doing’ by simply using a single wrist-worn sensor device. The device is equipped with a camera, a three-axis accelerometer, a microphone, a digital compass, and an illuminometer. The method recognizes the user's activities by employing objects the user is using, hand movements of the user, and sounds emitted in the activities.


  • We sense user's daily activities by focusing on his/her hand, which is the part of the body most often involved in daily activities.
  • We can recognize various activities with a single device.
  • A camera on the wrist captures images of objects held in the hand. This permits us to recognize activities by using visual information of objects being held.
  • We can preserve the user's privacy because our method recognizes activities by using abstracted image and sound information.

Application scenarios

  • Healthcare and care of elderly persons: Watch over elderly persons at a remote location
  • Lifelogging: Making a continuous record of activities in daily life
  • Context-aware services: Switch services automatically according to the user's activities
  • Context-aware advertising: Recommend ads according to trends in daily activities