End-user QoE Monitoring Agent for IPTV Services

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • IPTV
  • QoE
  • Quality management
Laboratory organization
NTT Service Integration Laboratories

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We have developed a QoE*1 monitoring agent, which is software that is embedded in the STB*2 or other user terminal to estimate the quality of service as experienced by customer (QoE) for IPTV*3. Remote monitoring of QoE data for individual customers from an operation center or other facility allows rapid confirmation of the situation when a customer inquires the audiovisual quality or performance of quality management before a customer complains.


  • Represent qualitative customer opinion such as ‘distorted image’ as an objective numerical index
  • Because quality is estimated using only packet header information, there is very little computational load and the function can be embedded in the customer terminal
  • Highly accurate quality estimation compared to MDI*4 or other existing techniques is achieved by estimating the number of frames over which packet loss errors extend for different types of video frames
  • Planned as a proposal for international standardization in 2011

Application scenarios

  • Efficient service operation and management through quality monitoring for individual IPTV users without installation of special quality measuring devices
  • Specifically, (1) rapid confirmation of the situation when a customer inquires the audiovisual quality, (2) determining the cause of failures, and (3) improved customer satisfaction through averting silent dissatisfaction
  • *1 QoE: Quality of Experience
  • *2 STB: Set-Top Box
  • *3 IPTV: Internet Protocol TeleVision
  • *4 MDI: Media Delivery Index (a measure of quality specified in RFC4445)