Standardization of the Vision and Design Goals of Future Networks

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • Future Networks
  • Virtualization
  • ID separation
Laboratory organization
NTT Service Integration Laboratories

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Research institutions around the world are carrying out search projects on future networks that will appear in 2020 and beyond. Rather than taking an approach of incremental improvements from existing networks and its technologies, the studies on future networks focus on more fundamental issues that impact various parts of the network. ITU-T launched a new body named FG-FN, Focus Group on Future Network, in 2009, and FG-FN produced its basic concept . This effort results in ITU-T Recommendation Y.3001, Future Networks: Objectives and Design Goals. NTT, with its wide range of experts working in various technical fields, promotes studies on future networks and has made significant contributions to FG-FN.


  • Virtualization that enables enabling performance optimization
  • Energy reductions from the device level to the network level
  • Data/content centric network architecture
  • Effective and scalable IDs, ID separation with respect to roles
  • Reliability and security

Application scenarios

  • Service awareness: Anticipating new services without additional costs
  • Data awareness: Handling enormous amounts of data securely and accurately
  • Environmental awareness: Less consumption of materials and energy
  • Social and economic awareness: Inviting new actors into the network ecosystem