Virtual Network Architecture Over IP-optical Network

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • Network virtualization
  • Optical path
Laboratory organization
NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories

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Recent trends in telecommunication have focused on service convergence in a shared IP (Internet protocol) network. However, innovative applications in the future are expected to have such diverse requirements that they cannot be easily accommodated in a common IP network. With our technology, we aim to create multiple virtual networks upon a common physical network infrastructure through integrated control of optical and IP networks. This will enable services to be launched quickly and operated independently.


  • Resource isolation in the physical layer avoids traffic conflicts between virtual networks.
  • Dedicated use of dynamic optical paths supports on-demand use of gigabit-per-second-class communication.
  • Resource allocation amounts and virtual network topology can be dynamically re-optimized in response to changes in traffic patterns.
  • The architecture can be deployed without requiring any modification to existing routers and optical cross-connects that support the standard protocol GMPLS (generalized multi protocol label switching).

Application scenarios

  • Carrier backbone networks
  • Large-scale datacenter networks
  • Ultrawideband services in the future such as uncompressed three-dimensional (3D) and high-definition (HD) video transmission
  • On-demand wide-area virtual private network