Transport Network Technology

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • 100 G optical transmission technology
  • Optical cross-connect
  • Packet switching
Laboratory organization
NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories

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To meet the demand for high-volume communication traffic, we are working on high-speed transmission technology for 100 Gbit/s data transfer and new signal processing technology that integrates optical wavelength cross-connection (OXC) and packet switching. By implementing a 100 Gbit/s integrated transport system that applies the technology, we target the construction of a transport network that is economical, simple and energy-efficient through (1) high-speed and large-capacity traffic transport, (2) reduction of IP routing load on IP core routers, (3) improved operability from hardware integration, and (4) reduction of the NE Operation systems (NE-OpS).


  • Increase capacity, improve economy, simplify, and reduce power consumption for the backbone network through R&D on an new integrated transport system
  • Ultra-fast 100 Gbit/s optical transmission by applying digital coherent technology
  • Optical wavelength mesh network by applying OXC technology
  • Packet transport network applies MPLS-TP*, which guarantees communication line quality and has maintenance and management mechanisms against failures

Application scenarios

  • Backbone network of NTT Communications
  • Metro network of NTT East Corporation and NTT West Corporation
  • * MPLS-TP: Multi Protocol Label Switching-Transport Profile