Drop Optical Fiber with Cicada Resistance

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • Drop
  • Cicada
  • Hard sheath
Laboratory organization
NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

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As a countermeasure against disconnection due to a species of cicada called the “bear cicada” (which occur on optical-fiber input (“drop”) cables to houses, particularly those in western Japan), a “drop optical fiber with cicada resistance” has been developed.
This is an optical drop fiber that maintains the workability of a conventional optical drop fiber with non-cicada resistance as a result of optimization of the structure and sheath material of the fiber cable.


  • Optical-fiber core is protected from the ovipositor of a cicada by hard sheath.
  • Cicada resistance is achieved without impairing fiber workability by optimizing material hardness and cross-sectional structure.
  • Compatibility with related products is assured by utilizing the same structure and dimensions as conventional drop cable.

Application scenarios

  • Drop cable to houses, apartment blocks, and office buildings