Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • Optical distribution system
  • 10 G-EPON
  • Network LSI
Laboratory organization
NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories

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We have developed a system LSI that integrates the main functions of the 10 G-EPON (10-Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) on a single chip. It enables construction of an IEEE standard next-generation optical access network to which migration from the current GE PON using the current optical distribution network is easy. It is a chipset whose main components are a compact and inexpensive OLT*1 and ONU*2, which enable 10 Gbit/s communication, 10 times as fast as even the FLET'S optical system that is currently in service.


  • The OLT-LSI can accommodate both GE-PON ONU and 10 G-EPON ONU in the same system (handles dual rates)
  • The ONU-LSI provides two modes, 10 G symmetrical upward and downward, and asymmetrical 10 G down with 1 G up
  • Fast and efficient dynamic allocation of upward bandwidth by hardware and software combination
  • Software sleep control reduces power consumption when the equipment is not being used
  • VLAN*3 function allows flexible handling of diverse services

Application scenarios

  • Increased speed and capacity of Internet services (for houses and condominium buildings)
  • Network services for corporations
  • Mobile backhaul network
  • *1 OLT: Optical Line Terminal
  • *2 ONU: Optical Network Unit
  • *3 VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network