Intelligent Cryptosystems

Technological fields
Information Sharing Platform Technologies
  • Data encryption
  • Access control
  • Content distribution
Laboratory organization
NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories

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Intelligent Cryptosystems have advanced logic in their encryption/decryption mechanisms and provide more sophisticated control of data communications.
For example, each document can be encrypted with a decryption condition such as “only division directors or personnel division managers can decrypt it”. Through such advanced encryption/decryption mechanisms, Intelligent Cryptosystems will promote broader usage of cloud computing.


  • Users can share data securely in a cloud computing environment, because the data encryption and access control mechanisms are integrated.
  • A user can encrypt data by specifying only a decryption condition, without specifying who can decrypt it.
  • The decryption keys can be independently generated after the encryption process.
  • Intelligent Cryptosystems are constructed efficiently and securely by using a new advanced mathematical methodology called “dual pairing vector spaces”.

Application scenarios

  • Confidential data sharing in a company's systems
  • Content delivery that has flexible access conditions
  • Intelligent Cryptosystems were developed by NTT and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and announced in a news release in July 2010.