A Rich Communication Environment Using Home Electronics

Technological fields
Terminal, Software Technologies
  • Multi-device
  • NGN
  • UPnP
Laboratory organization
NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories

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As use of NGN becomes widespread, phone numbers will be used for rich communication that includes video and data as well as voice calls. The interworking of handy and familiar home electronics and other such devices provides a simple environment for achieving such rich communication. Our research is based on actual lifestyle scenarios and involves first establishing a signaling system, followed by specification of a Teleservice*1 for securing mutual connections between terminals for media (voice, video and data), and device interworking technology for easy provision of rich communication through the interworking of devices in the home.


  • Voice, video and data communication is possible with multiple interworking devices
  • Voice, video and data can be transferred between interworking devices
  • Digital content can be sent and received using phone numbers
  • TTC*2 specifies the Teleservice, which enables file transfer and video communication between terminals on NGN
  • Specification of a method for achieving communication through interworking of devices using UPnP*3 implemented with home electronics (UPnP FORUM: Telephony:1)

Application scenarios

  • Communicate with relatives far away while sharing video and pictures, etc. via phone numbers
  • Send and receive voice, video or data freely from the living room, study or other places in the home
  • Describe products while viewing catalogs during a call
  • Advising while looking at test papers such as giving corrections for distance learning, etc.
  • Send color documents or materials via phone numbers, like FAX
  • *1 Teleservice: Decision on interchanging terminals within the communication path for media communication after the start of communication
  • *2 TTC: Telecommunication Technology Committee
  • *3 UPnP: Universal Plug and Play