Techniques for PWR (Personal Wireless Router)

Technological fields
Terminal, Software Technologies
  • Wireless router
  • Wireless LAN
  • 3G
Laboratory organization
NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

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PWR is a portable wireless cognitive router produced by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc. The unit has a compact chassis and is battery driven. PWR provides Internet access via 3G, WLAN, etc., and it automatically selects the most suitable wireless medium to connect WLAN terminals, such as laptop PCs and gaming devices, to the IP network. NTT Laboratories helped in the development of PWR by investigating how to make automatic selection of the most suitable network interface for maintaining communication quality and by conducting evaluations and field tests of the unit.


  • Techniques of interface selection
    • Suitable interface selection from various available network-side interfaces
    • Suitable radio channel selection of the terminal-side wireless LAN
  • Techniques for lengthening operation time
    • Standby function when there are no active WLAN terminals
    • Interface control (Intermittent access points scan, inactive interface sleep, etc.)

Application scenarios

  • General users
    • Music downloads, podcasts, etc., while on the move
    • Web browsing, network gaming, etc., in a café
  • Business users
    • Access to a company's network at a hotel without LAN equipment
    • Temporary wireless LAN environment at a construction site, etc.