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What's Hot in R&D

Introduces cutting-edge R&D achievements over the last fiscal year.

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Content, Application Technologies

Technologies for advancing and supporting the sharing of content, including broadcasts, advertisements, music and games, over networks.

•Dig-A-Map: Web Search that Projects Documents onto Time and Space

Information Sharing Platform Technologies

Technologies for achieving common functions essential to content sharing business and electronic commerce such as copyright management, electronic settlement, and information delivery.

•Sheepdog: Distributed Storage System for Virtual Machines
•Intelligent Cryptosystems
•Thin Client Technology for Smartphone

Terminal, Software Technologies

Terminal technologies for ubiquitous services and software technologies related to solution businesses.

•A Rich Communication Environment Using Home Electronics
•Techniques for PWR (Personal Wireless Router)

Open R&D Environment

Introduces efforts at NTT Laboratories to stimulate research activities and disseminate R&D results and associated statistical data.

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