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2020: Visualising the Future and Beyond

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  • Reconstruction atmosphere of event venue in remote site
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  • Real time surround movie generation / Low delay MMT streaming
  • Our video stitching technology which has stitching multiple 4K videos, enables to reconstruct high-realistic field images covered over 180 degrees in real time processing. In the demonstration, ultra high resolution surround videos and cropped videos for second display are synchronously transmitted using MMT protocol and these are reconstructed with high realistic sensations.
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  • Robust and Accurate Image Extraction
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  • Technologies comprising “Kirari!” : Real time image extraction technology
  • Robustness and accuracy in image segmentation has been improved by adopting a classification algorithm improvement, an integrated system including multiple cameras and sensors, and a high-speed alpha matting technique for complex boundaries. A shadow image is also generated along with segmentation in real time to enhance the perceptual feeling of space and an object's dimensions.
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  • Delivering athletes' activities with the ultimate realism
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  • 4K/8K Ultra High Definition Video Coding Technology
  • Toward the year 2020, NTT laboratories are working on further evolution of high realistic images. The beauty of smooth and glossy images created with HFR (High Frame Rate) shooting at 120 frames per second and HDR (High Dynamic Range) shooting with greatly improved screen brightness is overwhelming with our latest encoding technologies.
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  • Support of efficient analysis of big data
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  • Highly efficient big data visualization and analysis by applying image compression technologies “Q:
  • To fully utilize big data, efficient search for valuable information (“treasure hunting”) from huge amounts of data is crucial. NTT laboratories have developed technologies “Q:” for fast visualization and analysis of big data by using image compression technologies we originally developed for broadcasting and online video distribution.
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  • Distribution of a judo match and a kabuki performance to remote sites by Kirari!
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  • Service concept using Immersive telepresence “Kirari!”
  • We have been working on research and development of immersive telepresence technologies called “Kirari!”. This year, we demonstrate a new watching style of a judo match and a kabuki performance using several technologies now been evolutionally developed. The audiences at remote sites feel as if they are addressing them right there.
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  • Stadium solution for enhanced excitement
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  • Ultra-realistic media processing technology
  • NTT's ultra-realistic media processing technology can make the on-field play in a stadium more exciting for spectators. The use of a space reconstruction technique, Free-viewpoint video synthesis technique, and target-microphone technologies provides a sports watching experience like never before.
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  • Live streaming concerts with high-resolution audio
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  • High-resolution audio live stream encoder with MPEG-4 Audio lossless coding
  • We demonstrate a technology for streaming high-quality and high-resolution live audio by audio lossless coding. The audio coding scheme is fully compliant with the MPEG-4 ALS standard and was dominantly defined by NTT Labs. The combination of an MPEG-DASH streaming server with MPEG-4 ALS enables us to listen to live online concerts with a high degree of presence.