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2020: Visualising the Future and Beyond

Japanese hospitality in the future

recommend-mark : recommended exhibits

  • A-3
  • Optimize Web contents for individuals automatically
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  • WEB design converter providing suitable contents for situations and user properties
  • The increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan and the country's aging population make it essential to provide Web contents for a wide variety of individual users, but this is a costly process. Web design conversion techniques can make the contents easier to understand in accordance with services provided and user characteristics such as language or age. We are working to provide services by discovering user needs through trial evaluations.
  • A-4
  • Generating accessibility information needed to support pedestrian mobility
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  • Technology for generating information adapted to diverse human mobility support : MaPiece
  • We call the presentation of information adapted to diverse human needs and optimal mobility support diversity navigation. We are working to achieve it by developing technology to create information needed to support the mobility of elderly people and the disabled.
  • A-5
  • Navigation with easily understandable spatial map
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  • 2.5D map representation technology
  • A 2.5D map (flat plane + multiple floor levels) is more effective than a 2D map for recognizing floors below and above ground level, floors inside buildings, and invisible objects beyond walls. By giving height to existing 2D map data, web browser applications can provide easily understandable spatial maps at airports, stations, stadiums, and other facilities.
  • A-6
  • Displaying content suited to the context of smart devices
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  • Application/content management for smart devices
  • Content suited to the context of a smart device, e.g., its geolocation, time, and the attributes of the user, is automatically opened if the context is detected. Intelligent encryption enables adaptable content control based on multiple contexts and also their combinations.
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  • Enhancing the R&D Forum Experience
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  • Optimal navigation service reflecting personal interest and degree of congestion, visual explorer service, and bot concierge
  • We have applied our latest technologies to enhance the R&D Forum experience in a number of innovative ways. Our official smartphone app features a visual explorer service, a navigation service that uses a congestion avoidance algorithm, point and search guidance, and bot concierge. Directional signs to guide the flow of crowds are seen in the center area of the venue. Additionally, the corevo(TM) for reception service recommends exhibits that meet user interests.
  • A-b
  • Illusory sensation of being pulled for user-friendly navigation in various environments
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  • Mobile gadget, Buru-Navi, which provides natural haptic communication
  • Novel communication-device named Buru-Navi, which gives pulling sensation, has been further evolved. Shell-Force and Cubic-force 6D, which have been unveiled as new types of Buru-Navi, enable intuitive navigation using pulling sensation in any direction. We hope to provide new haptic experiences for rich communication.