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2020: Visualising the Future and Beyond

Innovative sports training

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  • Elucidating and training the athletic brain by using brain science and ICT
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  • Sports Brain Science Project
  • We are working to elucidate the unconscious (implicit) brain functions related to an athlete's skill and state of mind that are necessary to win in sports, and to improve them in order to enhance athletic performance. We are using multiple sports research approaches that include realistic measurements of sports behavior and precise evaluations of brain functions.
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  • Automatic discovery of team tactics
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  • Spatio-temporal data analysis for team sports
  • Our system analyzes large-scale data, i.e., match logs and player locations, to uncover latent team tactics. It enables one to answer questions like “what is the most successful tactical pattern” and “who is the central player.” This system is expected to be widely used in team sports and useful for supporting coaches in decision-making and for enhancing team performance.
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  • Smart watch that knows what you are eating
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  • Classify meal categories by utilizing arm motion recognition using accelerometer sensors
  • It is important to plan meals by considering meal-times, the types of dishes eaten, and the sizes of meals in the past to achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, most people often forget what they ate. Some people currently record meals by taking photographs of them, although this can be a burden. We focused on eating behaviors such as arm movements to estimate meal categories.