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“corevo” —Evolving the Generation of New Values

AI making life more comfortable

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  • corevo assists drivers to drive comfortably
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  • corevo for Drivers: A concept demonstration with three fused AI technologies
  • corevo for Drivers is a concept demonstration that assists drivers to drive safely and comfortably using AI technology with appropriate interaction. It is achieved with Heart-Touching-AI concerning the mind and body condition, navigation combining various information provided by Ambient-AI, and natural dialogue through Agent-AI that understands the user's intentions.
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  • Comfortable living room environment created by robot devices
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  • corevo for living rooms
  • The robot device “anone R-env” creates a comfortable living room by working as an autonomous speech interaction device that enables the home appliances to be controlled via the user's voice commands. In addition, anone R-env enables communication without psychological pressure that fits the living room environment by functioning as a telecommunications device.
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  • Assistant technologies for contact centers and counters with corevo
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  • corevo for smart service desks
  • There are corevo Agent-AI technologies that assist agents and salespersons in retrieving various documents and recording the content of conversations, which are both necessary for service desks (contact centers and counters). By using applications that use these technologies, we can shorten training periods and the time spent dealing with customers and improve the quality of reception at service desks.
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  • Artificial intelligence applied to identify diabetic patients with worsening symptoms
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  • Predicting the medical-care behavior of patients by analyzing electronic health records
  • About 10% of diabetic patients eventually discontinue treatment, and the discontinuation makes their symptoms worse and complicates the treatment of the disease. NTT has been collaborating with the University of Tokyo to predict the risk of treatment discontinuation by analyzing electronic health records to provide early medical support to at-risk patients.
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  • Enables multiple speakers' voices to be picked up separately
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  • Intelligent microphone technology
  • Intelligent microphone technology newly enables the voices of multiple speakers to be picked up separately during conversations by using a small terminal. Voices can also be clearly extracted under noisy environments. This technology is expected to be applied at service desks or in information guidance systems by combining it with automatic speech recognition.
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  • Easy realization of robot services utilizing Agent-AI
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  • Cloud-based human-machine interaction control technology
  • R-env is a cloud-based application development environment and execution environment for creating services for rapidly evolving robots, sensors, gadgets, and NTT AI technology (corevoTM) . By using R-env, application developers can create, debug, and execute services that use robots connected with other peripheral devices easily and quickly using only the Web Browser without any prior knowledge of advanced programming language.
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  • Spoken dialogue technologies for user-friendly conversational robots
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  • Response generation for various topics based on the combination of large-scale and high-quality dialogue data
  • We are developing chat-oriented dialogue systems that can naturally talk with people. We leverage both large-scale web data and high-quality hand-crafted data to develop a system that responds to various topics. We are also developing another system that utilizes multiple robots whose behaviors are coordinated to avoid dialogue breakdown.