Open R&D Environment

Publishing of Technical Magazines

NTT had published the following two technical magazines with the aim of disseminating research and development results.

(1) NTT Gijutsu Journal(monthly magazine in Japanese)
Cover of NTT Gijutsu Journal
Provides technical information on a wide range of subjects from the development of new technologies and services and the growth of various business lines in the NTT Group. It explains new technology trends in a straightforward manner for general readers.
2013 Feature Articles
Activities Toward Service Incubation to Speed Up R&D of Service Systems, NTT I3 |Seeking to Actively Develop Global Cloud Services, Front-line of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research for Heartfelt Communications, etc.
(2) NTT Technical Review (monthly magazine in English)
Cover of NTT Technical Review
In line with the globalization of NTT Group businesses, the NTT Technical Review is issued as a monthly magazine in English and aims to communicate NTT's R&D results and activities worldwide. (Web-site-version only posted from April 2007)
2013 Feature Articles
Front-line Research on Graphene, Applications of Big Data Analytics Technologies for Traffic and Network Management Data, Optical Node and Switch Technologies for Implementing Flexible and Economical Networks, etc.

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Patents and Technology Disclosures

In addition to enthusiastically obtaining patents, technology resulting from research and development across a wide range of fields is provided at a reasonable cost so that it can be utilized in the industrial world when required.

Applications for R&D patents

Bar chart: Applications for R&D patent

Major technology disclosure

Chart: Major technology disclosure

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Scientific Papers and External Announcements

The results of research and development activities carried out at our research laboratories are frequently announced at domestic and international conferences and in specialized scientific journals.

These activities inspire more research and development into the field of information communications and contribute greatly to the development of science and technology.

Bar chart: Scientific Papers and External Announcements

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Standardization Activities

Based on its comprehensive range of research and development on information communications, NTT has been active in fora and consortia, which are recently playing leading roles, as well as in standardization organizations such as ITU-T, ISO. These activities also contribute to the orderly development of worldwide information communications.

Participation in standardization organizations such as ITU and TTC (fiscal 2013)

Participants to domestic/
international SDO*
total 482
Members of
domestic committee
total 378

* SDO: Standard Development Organization

Number of participation in international standardization meetings (fiscal 2013)

3,311 man-days
(Excluding preparatory studies)

Percentage of contributions submitted to ITU-T (2009-2012 study period)

Pie chart: Percentage of contributions submitted to ITU-T

Estimated from the former study period (2009-2012) data of ITU-T and of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, Japan.

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