NTT Research and Development 2016 Review of Activities | Forum/Symposium/Event

The role that information communications should play in the advancement of the society and economy is of great importance. NTT has an objective to contribute to the development of information communications in Japan, and all around the world as well, by disseminating our research and development results. To achieve the objective, we are energetically developing the activities shown as follows.

  • Announcing research results, exchanging research with other organizations
  • Dissemination of R&D results through technology disclosures and other methods
  • Standardization activities

2014 Symposiums/Forums Schedule (arranged chronologically)

Event Date Location
NTT R&D OPENLAB 2015 April 11, 2015 NTT Musashino R&D Center
NTT Atsugi R&D Center Open House 2015 April 18, 2015 NTT Atsugi R&D Center
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
"Open House 2015"
June 4-5, 2015 NTT Keihanna Building
NTT Yokosuka R&D Center Open Day 2015 August 1, 2015 NTT Yokosuka R&D Center
Summer Children's Hands-on Science Workshop 2015 August 20-21, 2015 NTT Musashino R&D Center
NTT History Center of Technologies
Tsukuba Forum 2015 October 15-16, 2015 NTT Tsukuba R&D Center
Tsukuba International Congress Center
International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and
Technology (ISNTT2015)
November 17-20, 2015 NTT Atsugi R&D Center
NTT R&D Forum 2016 February 18-19, 2016 NTT Musashino R&D Center

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NTT R&D Forum 2016

With the concept of “Open the Way – Toward 2020 and Beyond,” NTT held the R&D Forum 2016 at the NTT Musashino Research and Development Center over four days from February 16 to 19, 2016. (A press tour and internal preview for NTT Group employees were held on the 16th and 17th).

For the conference this year, Professor Noriko Arai of the National Institute of Informatics was invited to give the special lecture, entitled “How Should We Deal with the Emergence of AI? Based on the Project ‘Can a Robot Get Accepted into the University of Tokyo?’” This lecture and other talks drew over 10,000 attendees, the most ever in the history of NTT R&D Forum.

At the forum, NTT President and CEO Hiroo Unoura and Senior Executive Vice President Hiromichi Shinohara gave the keynote lectures. In addition, a total of 95 exhibits of research achievements, including presentations by NTT DOCOMO INC., NTT DATA Corporation, and NTT I3, were on display. The forum’s concept of “Open the Way” (opening up a world of new possibilities) sought to focus on creating innovations inspired by new ideas and serving as a “catalyst” in collaborations with various business partners to bring about transformation of society. The exhibits demonstrated this concept under five themes: “Feel the Future! The World of 2020,” “AI and IoT Bringing about Transformations to Our Society,” “Security and Cloud Computing for the Next-Generation Business,” “Networks for the Coming 2020 and Beyond,” and “Basic Research Exploring the Future.” Exhibits under the theme of “Feel the Future! The World of 2020” especially drew the attention of many guests. Looking forward to the year 2020, the presentations showcased concrete implementations of last year’s proofs of concept to appeal with specific use cases.

Furthermore, the five theme concepts of the forum, NTT R&D’s future directions, and specific features of exhibits were introduced at “Exhibit Theme Sessions,” held by each NTT research lab tackling the theme.

Besides lectures and exhibits, the NTT History Center of Technologies within the NTT Musashino Research and Development Center was opened specially to the public. At the History Center, guests viewed important historic items to learn the NTT Group’s history of technological developments in electronic communications.

At the forum, guests encountered NTT R&D's various efforts and steady progress.

They also provided valuable comments and engaged in spirited discussions about the vision of services, making the NTT R&D Forum 2016 a meaningful gathering.

Keynote lecture by NTT President and CEO Hiroo Unoura
Keynote  lecture by NTT President & CEO Hiroo Unoura
Visitors browsing exhibits of R&D achievements
Visitors viewing exhibits of research achievements

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NTT Communication Science Laboratories “Open House 2015”

NTT Communication Science Laboratories (NTT CS Labs) held “Open House 2015” at the NTT Keihanna Building on June 4th (Thursday) and 5th (Friday), 2015. This annual event for showcasing the latest research advancements in communication science drew on over 1,200 guests, the most in its history.

Head of NTT CS Labs Eisaku Maeda opened Open House 2015 with a technical lecture entitled “Embracing Information Science and Technology: Decoding, Exploring, and Designing the World.” Over the two days, three research talks were also given on NTT CS Labs’ latest standout achievements. Furthermore, Professor Masahiko Inami of Keio University (at the time; currently of the University of Tokyo) described approaches to extending human experiences and senses using ICT technologies with his invited talk “Initial Step towards Augmented Human.”

For the research exhibition program, 30 of NTT CS Labs’ latest research accomplishments were introduced. The exhibition area was divided into four zones: “Big Data Science,” “Computer Science,” “Media Intelligence,” and “Communication and Human Science.” These timely themes were presented with research breakthroughs from both inside and outside NTT CS Labs, drawing the interest of many visitors.

We received input from many visitors from a variety of perspectives. Open House 2015 provided opportunities that will stimulate future basic research.

Lecture by Head of NTT CS Labs Eisaku Maeda
Address by Director Maeda
Research exhibition at Open House 2015
Research exhibit

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Tsukuba Forum 2015

NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories hosted Tsukuba Forum 2015 at the NTT Tsukuba R&D Center over two days on October 15th (Thursday) and 16th (Friday), 2015. The theme of the event was “Evolving Access Network, with NetroSphere concept.”

Drawing about 9,400 guests, the forum this year presented proposals and exhibits on ideas related to the NetroSphere concept and the latest achievements in access network research to support this concept. In addition, a total of 116 organizations, including co-sponsors and NTT Group companies, showcased and introduced many technologies.

In the Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tatsuo Izawa, Head Director of Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, gave the keynote speech entitled "Early Days of Optical Fiber for Telecommunication." The second keynote speech, entitled "Activities of NTT WEST Group," was given by Toshihiko Kumamoto, Senior Executive Vice President of NTT West. These lectures drew many guests.

At Tsukuba Research and Development Center, in addition to exhibits and technology introductions by different companies, a global session was held featuring four overseas carriers on the state of FTTH deployments in their countries and future challenges. Also held were workshops given by project managers from NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories. These sessions drew the interest of many guests concerning the direction of technological developments in realizing the NetroSphere concept and the newest access network technologies.

Tsukuba Forum 2015 supported the "NetroSphere concept" through cooperation and co-creation with many participating companies such as co-sponsoring organizations and NTT Group companies. This event provided a rich venue for sharing the path toward realizing evolving access networks.

Lecture auditorium (Tsukuba International Congress Center)
Lecture auditorium (Tsukuba International Congress Hall)
Exhibition hall (Tsukuba Research and Development Center)
Exhibition hall (Tsukuba Research and Development Center)

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NTT Basic Research Laboratories "ISNTT2015"

NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL) held the International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology (ISNTT2015) at NTT Atsugi R&D Center from November 17 (Tuesday) to 20 (Friday), 2015. The event brought together 179 researchers from 15 countries. The participants enjoyed oral and poster presentations while exchanging their views and ideas on nanotechnology and quantum devices. Since 2009, NTT BRL has been holding ISNTT every other year to promote mutual exchanges between researchers working on different device and material technologies related to semiconductors, superconductors, and new materials, with the aim of creating new ideas and concepts with which to build new hybrid nanoscale and/or quantum systems. ISNTT2015 was co-chaired by NTT BRL Senior Distinguished Scientists Akira Fujiwara (Senior Manager of Physical Science Laboratory and Nanodevices Research Group Leader), Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Hybrid Nanostructure Physics Research Group Leader), and Koji Muraki (Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group Leader).

On the 17th, 18th, and 20th, respectively, the sessions started with keynote lectures entitled “Semiconductor Hetero-Nanowires on Si for Photonic and Electronic Applications” by Prof. Gerhard Abstreiter (Walter Schottky Institute, Technische Universität München), “Levitons: Clean Time-Resolved Electrons for Electron Quantum Optics” by Prof. Christian Glattli (CEA Sacley), and “Interaction between Sound and a Superconducting Qubit” by Prof. Per Delsing (Chalmers University of Technology). Over the four days of the symposium, a total of 13 oral sessions were held. During those sessions, 46 oral presentations, including 17 invited talks by world-leading researchers, were given on such topics as nanodevices, nanophotonics, nanomechanics, quantum and spin-related electron transport, topological insulator, spintronics, single-electron devices, and semiconductor/superconductor quantum bit devices. On the 17th and 18th, two poster sessions were held in which 56 presentations were given. The symposium offered a venue for research exchange that crossed generational lines as it promoted interactions between senior and junior researchers and students. ISNTT2015 was well-received for providing opportunities that led to a variety of human connections and exchanges.

Keynote address by Professor Gerhard Abstreiter
Exhibits of the newest research results
Discussion at poster exhibition hall
Communication Space

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