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A richer future aimed at by R&D
Caring heart Communication-barrier-free society of 7 billion people around the world who are connected and able to understand each other
Life: It will become possible to provide a warm and caring lifestyle in which work, nursing care for the elderly and child-rearing are compatible with each other

Interfaces providing a sense of ultra-high reality and high operability will become widely used. These will facilitate interactive collaboration between people anytime and anywhere. They will not only enable senior people or physically challenged people to participate in social activities, but also enable younger people engaged in nursing care or child-rearing to continue to work with people in the office.

Medical care: It will be come possible to prevent illness or to help recovery from illness by make records of peoplefs life more visible and by enabling medical institutes to work together to improve the health of the people they look after

It will become possible to collect the life log of a patient using sensors that automatically collect health data. This will not require the patientfs conscious effort to collect data.

In addition, the patientfs health record will be transferred to a medical institute with high expertise so that the patient will be treated and given health advice based on the analysis of his/her life log data.

Education: It will become possible to provide high-quality teaching and educational materials so that students can learn effectively with interest and enjoyment.

Educational clouds will make it possible for students at different sites to engage in discussions, and for instructors at different sites to share curricula and know-how on instructions so that students can learn more effectively. Review study and supplementary study at home can also become more effective, reducing the chances of students being left behind.

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