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Research and Development

NTT Group’s R&D

Under its Medium-Term Management Strategy, “Towards the Next Stage 2.0,” which was launched in May 2015, NTT Group is accelerating self-transformation toward becoming a “Value Partner” that customers continue to select and embarking on a profit growth track while rapidly transitioning to a B2B2X model aimed at sustainable growth. NTT Group’s R&D activities include development projects that support increases in cost efficiency, such as network simplification. Furthermore, we are striving to develop technologies to advance the creation of new value through collaboration with other companies and to implement leading-edge research with a focus on the future.

Moreover, we will take advantage of the products of these R&D initiatives to advance a number of the priority measures. These include working toward the resolution of social issues facing Japan, such as the aging of the population, as well as strengthening industrial competitiveness and vitalizing local economies, which are objectives of the national government. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the development of society as well as to the growth of corporate value.

AI and the IoT Targeted by NTT Group

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have recently been garnering attention as technologies that will transform society.

NTT Group does not aim for AI that emulates human intelligence or thinking but rather for AI that substitutes for and supports certain activities and that coexists and co-creates with people, thereby helping realize more fulfilling lifestyles.

We have defined four types of AI technologies that we will work with: Agent-AI, Heart-Touching-AI, Ambient-AI, and Network-AI. In addition, we have chosen corevo® as the brand name for the Group’s AI technologies based on our desire to create revolutions with our AI technologies through collaboration with various leading players in the field.

NTT Group aims to utilize its AI technologies to resolve social issues and strengthen industrial competitiveness through joint efforts together with collaboration partners and local government agencies.

In terms of the IoT, the degree to which data and other information can be collected is of utmost importance. NTT Group has long been optimally utilizing an array of wired and wireless technologies for inter-equipment communications to respond to the needs of customers for communications among various pieces of equipment (e.g., meters, monitoring terminals, vending machines, security devices). Calling upon the track record and experience cultivated through this process, we will provide network technologies and solutions for the coming IoT era.

The advent of the IoT will no doubt necessitate the use of a substantially larger range of equipment than seen previously. The types of data needing to be collected will be equally varied, consisting of text and numerical data as well as images, voice recordings, and videos.

NTT Group seeks to provide customers with IoT networks that are optimally managed and operated to fulfill the communication conditions this era will require. To accomplish this goal, it will not be enough to simply offer access to communication lines. Rather, we must integrate technologies for managing IoT networks in their entirety as well as data distributed processing technologies, security technologies, and an assortment of various other IoT technologies. NTT Group possesses a wealth of technologies and experience that will enable it rise to this challenge, and we are committed to supporting customers looking to adopt the IoT with our expertise and systems.

  • Agent-AISupports humans by interpreting the information they generate
  • Ambient-AIInterprets human, objects, and the environment, and forecasts and controls the immediate future instantly
  • Heart-Touching-AIInterprets human emotions and physical conditions, and understands the deep psyche, intellect, and instinct
  • Network-AIConnects different types of AI into collective intelligence and optimizes the social system as a whole
    Realizes AI applications for networks

Creation of New Value through Collaboration

NTT Group aims to develop new businesses and markets by further promoting the B2B2X model. In relation to R&D activities, this goal entails pursuing technological innovation by working together with partners outside of the Group to create new value based on the key word of collaboration. In particular, we hope to actively engage in an increasingly large range of collaborative initiatives with partners from other industries, as such collaboration has the potential to create unprecedented, new value the likes of which we could not previously imagine.

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