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Moving Forward Together As Your Value Partner



- Made smarter using AI, IoT & big data -

Making Factories Smarter for Advanced Production and Safe, High Quality Manufacturing

  • In the Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) trend aimed at transforming the manufacturing industry, NTT Group is applying IoT, A,I and other leading-edge technologies, and is collaborating with various partner firms, to support the advancement of the manufacturing industry, raising productivity and reducing down time.
  • Solutions that lead to real-time accident prediction and preventive maintenance are being provided, drawing on edge computing, sensing devices, and other IoT technologies, Anomaly noise detection using AI, and Deep Learning based on temperature and other environmental data.
    • Advancement of manufacturing and production through smart-factories
    • Quality prediction in chemical plants by environmental sensing
    • Anomaly noise detection in large machine tools
    • Smart glass for remote support of on-site work by hands-free operation