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Moving Forward Together As Your Value Partner



- Quantum computing & cryptography technologies for the future -

World-leading Accomplishments from R&D as the Foundation for the Next-generation Society

At NTT research laboratories, we are creating technologies with competitive advantages that provide the NTT Group with the source of its growth, and engaging in development work aiming at improved cost efficiency. We also develop technologies in collaboration with partners toward new value creation, and engage in leading-edge R&D with an eye on the future.

Innovative R&D is being conducted toward producing new value from the huge volume and diversity of data obtained as the IoT advances. One theme is quantum neural network research, giving birth to brand new concepts for information and communications processing by employing techniques for quantum mechanical control of light and matter. Another active area of R&D is security technology attempting to realize ultimate protection of privacy in data, enabling data to be processed securely while keeping it completely invisible, and returning only the results desired by the user.

The IoT society demands greater than ever convenience and security. NTT leading-edge technology is contributing also in the area of basic research.