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February 26 - March 1
NTT Stand, Hall 3, Stand 3D31 Barcelona, Spain

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2018. 3. 13
Thank you everyone for coming
2018. 3. 13
Released the movies that reports the NTT exhibition area
2018. 3. 1
Released the 2nd movie introduced by euronews
2018. 2. 28
Released a movie introduced by euronews
2018. 2. 26
MWC 2018 starts today! We will be updating the website regularly
2018. 2. 22
Released a limited-edition movie that introduces the NTT exhibition area
2018. 2. 20
Released NTT exhibition area map
2018. 1. 31
Press Release(NTT Group Showcasing B2B2X Cases)

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Sport & Culture
Mobility & Logistics
Life & Environment

Characterized by low latency, huge capacity and simultaneous connections, 5G wireless communications are set to become the mainstream for all kinds of scenarios moving forward. Real-time operation of robot arms from remote locations, control of drones over long distances, and the wide-area multi-point connectivity so vital to IoT applications are just a few of the many different ways in which 5G will penetrate society as a cornerstone of digital transformation.

Sport & Culture

State-of-the-art digital technologies such as VR and AR will deliver new ways of enjoying the world of stadium, field, circuit and other sports entertainment, and sharing your excitement and experiences.
Applying the same digital technologies to traditional arts and cultural assets will also drive the emergence of totally novel ways of experiencing culture.

Mobility & Logistics

Digital technologies are delivering dramatic improvements in efficiency and energy-saving in mobility and logistics. Self-driving enabled by AI and map data, big data-based traffic management, edge computing-controlled transportation and other innovations will not only make urban mobility and logistics more efficient and improve everyday life, but will also help save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


Edge computing, for example, is enabling remote software updates, while IoT-based data monitoring and AI-driven analysis are now enabling advance detection of possible causes of failure in manufacturing machinery and accurate prediction of product quality—just two of many different capabilities that are bringing us closer and closer to factory production lines that never stop. A diversity of digital technologies are driving innovation in manufacturing.


IoT and AI are being used to boost both productivity and quality in various fields of agriculture. Using digital technologies such as IoT sensor-based systems to monitor large cultivated fields and mariculture, stock-raising and other facilities, and applying insights obtained from analyzing sensor data to agricultural production can help reduce costs and save energy as well as raise quality.

Life & Environment

Digital transformation is driving tremendous innovation in environmental protection and healthcare as well as dramatically transforming our lives and public infrastructure. IoT and simulation technologies are enabling various social phenomena to be visualized to identify wasteful processes, and deep learning technologies are helping to optimize processes and make more efficient use of resources.


NTT will promote digital transformation of society as a whole as a catalyst.

NTT applies its world-class, cutting-edge research and development capabilities to provide ICT services worldwide, ranging from broadband access to system integration. Within the group, NTT DOCOMO is the leading telecommunications carrier in Japan with 75 million subscribers and is a leading company in the world of 3G, 4G and 5G. At MWC 2018, we are introducing NTT Group s B2B2X approach on the theme of Innovating for the Digital World by exhibiting typical uses of our advanced technology. In this approach, NTT Group is the catalyst with end users providing services via sensors connected to smartphones or networks by service providers.