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Smart Stadiums Smart Stadiums

Providing a more attractive platform for watching sports, smart stadiums generate more excitement and deliver a fresh new experience.
NTT offers a new style of watching and enjoying sports
by using ICT to connect players and fans through its content and services
and expanding its presence into the town where the stadium is located.

Connect, expand, and enjoy

Smart stadiums are designed to make it easy for spectators to connect their devices to the Internet. NTT provides a mechanism that connects people, goods and services and delivers content and services that spectators can enjoy at the stadium. We also offer spectators an opportunity to expand their interests into the surrounding areas and communities.
Furthermore, we continue to post updates that generate interest in teams, players and games. We are contributing to the growth of the sports industry, which has close links to local communities, by attracting new fans and encouraging them to watch their teams live.

Transforming NACK5 Stadium Omiya into a smart stadium one step at a time

We have begun transforming NACK5 Stadium Omiya, the home ground of Omiya Ardija football club, into a smart stadium with the aim of developing a more attractive platform for watching sports. A new story of smart stadium where people can "connect, expand and enjoy" has already begun.


NTT provides “ARDIJA FREE Wi-Fi” as a high-density Wi-Fi service. We ensure easy access to the Internet and provide special content through the team’s official smartphone app. Designed to make every visit to the stadium a thoroughly enjoyable one through the use of ICT, this app includes a number of features, such as providing pictures of particular players. We also hold events to showcase virtual reality (VR) technology that allows spectators to experience a goal scored by an Omiya Ardija player as if they had been on the pitch playing as goalkeeper. Our goal is to connect players and fans.


In collaboration with the owners of the shops that fill the streets of Omiya near the stadium, NTT encourages fans to visit these shops by providing an app that highlights them on a map and provides information on coupons. We also promote the revitalization of the local community that surrounds the stadium by providing information on local shops that support the club as well as club and stadium announcements to fans via the 10 digital signs installed in front of the stadium’s gates and concourse.


NTT has installed a Wi-Fi multicast system at a stadium for the first time in Japan to provide a new viewing experience. It allows high-definition video programs to be broadcast simultaneously with minimal delay. This means that spectators can use a smartphone app to enjoy watching video programs linked to the live game while also catching up on any action that they may have missed. At present, three channels linked to the game are available. Other new services include being able to order food via an app and have it delivered to your seat for an extra charge.

The multicast system is a technique for sending the same data to multiple receivers who indicated they would join. Introducing the multicast system allows the distribution of a larger amount of video content to a greater number of smartphones at the same time at low latency.

Ch. 1: Live game video

Live game video from SKY PerfecTV!
Note: Video provided by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, the official broadcaster of the J.League.

Ch. 2: Supporter's program

An original program that is a collaboration of Hikari-TV and "Ole! Ardija," a Television Saitama commentary program that is only shown in the stadium. Stats are broadcast during the game.

Ch. 3: Chase Cam

Several 4K cameras located in the stadium are always focused on a specific player and images following the specific player's every move are generated.

In addition to continuing its work on NACK5 Stadium Omiya, the NTT Group is committed to transforming other football grounds into smart stadiums, as well as contributing to the creation of a legacy for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the further development of the sports industry.

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