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One-Stop Solution

NTT Group can provide global support for organizations of any size in any field, by providing full-stack (broad-ranging area related to cloud services, from infrastructure to apps) and full-lifecycle (from consultancy before migrating to the cloud to post-migration maintenance) services.

Full-stack services

By optimizing your own digital assets, you can manage the capabilities of the system with maximum efficiency in any services.
In any situation, NTT Group can solve customer problems by flexibly providing the appropriate services required in each layer of cloud services, from infrastructure to apps.

Full-lifecycle services

NTT Group offers optimized and tailor-made solutions for your ICT strategy and design while engaging in thorough consultation and offering advice.

After a merger or acquisition, we support the continuity of your business by integrating different ICT systems and migrating from on-premise data centers to cloud servers.

Outsource those daily operations more efficiently handled by our skilled ICT experts on an on-demand basis and save human resource costs.

We provide and manage everything necessary in your business, from apps to infrastructure, with high usability, performance and low cost.

Global network of
NTT Group

Formed from various technology companies, the NTT Group is one of the world’s leading ICT companies. Managed from offices all over the world, the NTT Group’s network provides customers with services, support and experts. It has consolidated sales of $9.5 bn, 241,000 employees and more than 240 data centers.

NTT Group case study
Texas Department of Transportation

What is the Texas Department of Transportation?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), one of the largest DOTs in the U.S., manages a 317,000 km transport network and 52,000 bridges. Of the 50 U.S. states, Texas accounts for 7.7% of the total highway miles traveled annually across the country.

Their Challenge

A proliferation of custom applications operating within an antiquated infrastructure led to huge maintenance and operating costs to sustain a reliable IT environment.

Their Decision

To partner with the NTT Group

Solution provided by the NTT Group


  • EDevelopment, operation and quality control of applications
  • EPromotion of continuous improvement of business processes and the standardization of the application portfolio


  • ESingle point of contact when incidents occur
  • EDevice support for end users


  • ERenovation, building, operation and management of VoIP and a unified communication structure
  • ENetwork building and management


  • EIT support for CAD, GIS, GPS and other related applications


  • EManaged security services, such as
    intrusion detection/prevention, access management and vulnerability screening

The results

  • EImproved end-user satisfaction
  • EReduced IT costs in main businesses
  • EImproved performance, as measured by service level agreements

Your Value Partner

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