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MWC19 in Barcelona

Thank you for coming.

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Exhibiting at the World's Largest Mobile Related Trade Show, MWC19 Barcelona

We will introduce representative and forward-looking examples of digital transformation that make use of AI and IoT which the NTT Group is deploying globally (examples from various industry fields in preparation for smart world). Through our exhibits, including 5G Cyber Jam Session, we will show off the advantages of 5G, such as high data rates/high capacity, low latency, and massive connection density, which we are aiming to make commercially available in Japan in 2020.

NTT Booth

The perspective drawing of NTT Booth


Youtube: MWC19 - NTT interview movie_Closing
【MWC19】NTT interview movie_Closing
Youtube: [MWC19/euronews vol.2] executive interviews
【MWC19/euronews vol.2】executive interviews
Youtube: [MWC19/euronews vol.1] NTT CEO interview
【MWC19/euronews vol.1】NTT CEO interview
Youtube: [MWC19] NTT interview movie_Opening
【MWC19】NTT interview movie_Opening

to the Smart World

Smart City

Public Safety
Public safety solution for Las Vegas, real-time people tracking system jointly developed with Panasonic
Smart Mobility
Technology that supports optimal guidance by grasping and predicting the cross-sectional flow of people and transportation at major events, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) image that provides optimal guidance by combining multiple transportation system developed as a result of such technology, and a demonstration of an enhanced in-vehicle communication system

Smart Airport

  • Forward-thinking examples of AI baggage inspections, Border controls using facial recognition technology, Indoor Navigation with geomagnetic and the 3D map using satellite imageries (AW3D).

Smart Agriculture

  • Initiatives that aim for efficient and sustainable plant factories through using machine learning based on experienced farmers' know-how

Smart Factory

  • Technology that enables long-distance transmission while maintaining quality applied to advanced laser processing by integrating NTT's photonic crystal optical fiber technology with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' high power laser processing technology, and smart technology for factories that reduces downtime


5G Cyber Jam Session

  • Real-time performance by virtual, on-stage, and distant band members

Mobile SCOT (Smart Cyber Operating Theater) Realized by 5G

  • Innovative solution to enable advanced medical treatment in diverse environments

Diorama Stadium

  • AR sports viewing platform based on cloud computing

Smart Construction Powered by 5G & IoT

  • 5G-enabled remote machinery operation and IOT-based site management to realize a safer, more productive worksite


  • 5G initiatives and technologies

R&D / others

  • Demonstration of the concept of LASOLV, a new computer solving intractable problems by using the properties of light
  • Demonstration of a concept to achieve a world in which people are capable of natural interaction in harmony with the environment
  • Demonstration of a new sports spectator experience using surround video synthesis transmission technology that synthesizes and synchronizes transmission of multiple 4K images in real time
  • Introduction and demonstration of NTT Group's global coverage