Message from the head

The NTT Group is making efforts to contribute to the solution of social issues and the advancement of society and economy through ICT under the key strategic initiatives of “Global Cloud Services“ and “Comprehensively Strengthen Network Service Competitiveness.“

Under the NTT R&D vision of developing cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the advancement of society, industry, and science, as the source of the NTT Groupís growth potential, our R&D is addressing a wide range of research and development areas, from basic research that generates new scientific theories and technologies, through to applied technologies such as networks, applications and security frameworks.

Providing appropriate protection for and using intellectual property generated through research and development is vital to the ongoing viability of the NTT Group, and this in turn allows us to continue contributing to our customers and society.

To this end, the NTT Intellectual Property Center is tasked with developing intellectual property strategies consistent with the ongoing business operations and R&D focus of the NTT Group. This includes pursuing i) strategic acquisition of new intellectual properties, ii) risk management of intellectual properties, and iii) best use of intellectual property holdings.

1. Strategic acquisition of new intellectual properties to increase the Corporate profits

In order to strengthen competitiveness and decrease risks of NTT Group business, the Center proposes right strategies to R&D sections and promotes strategic acquisition of intellectual properties, taking each situation of R&D subject into consideration. Based on the analysis of patents owned by NTT Group and its competitors, the Center cooperates with affiliates to promote acquisition of intellectual properties and to deal with issues raised concerning to third-party's intellectual property rights.

2. Risk management of intellectual properties for NTT Group

The Center minimizes business risks concerning to intellectual properties by forming a group-wide risk management policy. The Center also promotes securing proprietary information such as technological knowledge. In addition, the Center strives to increase the value of the Corporate brand by managing appropriate use of trademarks and by utilizing the technology brand established through R&D achievement.

3. Best use of the intellectual property holdings

The Center utilizes strong intellectual property holdings not only to maintain superior competitiveness of business. But also, the Center positively grants licenses of these holdings on purpose to contribute to the growth of related-industries and to the market penetration of NTT technologies. This purpose also refers to the technology standardization activities which NTT has been promoting for years. The Center makes a continued effort to help the technology penetrate the market by contributing to one-stop license-out programs (named as ‘patent pools') in which patents owned by plural patentees are granted to be licensed under reasonable royalties.

Jun Itoda
Managing Director
NTT Intellectual Property Center