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Protect the Global Environment

Realizing a Low Carbon Future

Our Approach

Reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, which are known causes of climate change, is an important issue for society. Advances in ICT have been accompanied by a rise in electricity consumption, which has also led to increasing calls for energy conservation. Conversely, ICT also possesses the potential to help realize lower society-wide energyconsumption and CO2 emissions.
Toward realizing a low carbon society, the NTT Group will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and adaptation to climate change by providing ICT services and cutting-edge technologies.

Implementing Closed Loop Recycling

Our Approach

Although our one-way society of mass production, consumption and disposal has brought affluence and convenience to our lives, it has also raised various problems such as illegal dumping and depletion of natural resources. To resolve these issues we must first review how companies manage their businesses as well as our social and economic systems, and shift to a closed loop society.
So that the NTT Group can realize closed loop recycling, we will contribute to the effective allocation of resources by promoting the 3Rs at our telecommunications facilities and utilizing ICT.

Planning a Future of Natural Harmony

Our Approach

Blessings from ecosystems, including biodiversity, are essential to humankind and all life, and the loss of ecosystems that serve as the backbone of social activities may cause stagnation in these activities. Efforts must therefore be made across society to coexist with nature and ensure that we receive the blessings from ecosystems on a sustainable basis.
To realize natural harmony, the NTT Group will contribute to the preservation of ecosystems throughout our business activities.

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