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Ensure Reliable Communications / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Reinforcing Information Security

Management Approach

Why This is a CSR Priority Activity for NTT Group

The importance of information security grows each year as people seek to ensure the safety of Internet transactions and prevent leaks of confidential information. As an operator of telecommunications infrastructure, NTT Group is charged with the responsibility of combating the ever more sophisticated and increasing threats to information security in order to protect customers’ information assets.

The NTT Group has positioned Global Cloud Services as the cornerstone of its business operations in the Medium-Term Management Strategy, and we realize the need to provide an additional degree of security in managing customers’ information assets through networks. It is no less important to prepare against sophisticated large-scale cyber attacks on major international events, and NTT Group is expected to demonstrate its true value in this area.

If there is a leakage of personal information or other confidential information or improper handling of such information, NTT Group’s trustworthiness and corporate image could be damaged, resulting in negative impacts on our businesses, including loss of subscribers or access to designated competitive bidding.

Management Approach and System

NTT Group has established the NTT Group Information Security Policy as the fundamental policy covering its information security practices. Under this policy, we are working to enhance information security to fulfill our responsibility to society as a company.

NTT Group’s Information Security Policy

In order to continue supplying safe, secure services at all times and remain to be a company relied on by customers forever, NTT Group, as one of the responsible companies that shoulder the information communication industry, shall strive to maintain the security of information and contribute to the sound development of ubiquitous broadband society in accordance with the following policy.

  1. With a strong recognition of the importance of information security in ubiquitous broadband society, The Group shall strive to create a safe, secure, convenient communication environment and maintain information security.
  2. All the board members and employees of NTT Group shall fully recognize that protecting information is the base of the Group’s business activities and an important social responsibility of any company, and the Group shall strictly observe the secrecy of communications and comply with the relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act.
  3. The Group shall reinforce its organization for maintaining information security, take thoroughgoing measures to prevent illegal access to information and loss, alteration, leak, etc. of information and implement activities necessary for protection of information, including thoroughgoing employee education and proper supervision of contractors, on a continual basis.

Our information security management system is led by the Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Director in his capacity as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who ensures thorough information security management at NTT Group. In 2015, we established the Group CISO Committee, which is responsible for building a system for information security management, including formulating policy on information security, planning and implementing various activities, and human resource development to resolve information security issues. The same system is also set up at each NTT Group company to ensure responses are carried out in a concerted manner.

NTT Group Organization for Information Security Management

NTT Group Organization for Information Security Management

In particular, we are focusing on training security experts as the key to reinforcing security as well as organizing and pursuing educational programs throughout the Group. We are contributing to provide safe and secure services by developing technologies and services that ensure information security and by setting up NTT-CERT to implement preventive and follow-up support on security incidents as part of a multi-layered defense from the perspectives of “equipment,” “operations” and “response” required to combat cyber attacks.

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