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Ensure Reliable Communications / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Personal Information Protection

Management Approach

Why This is a CSR Priority Activity for NTT Group

NTT Group has been entrusted with a considerable quantity of personal information, ranging from data on individual customers to that of corporate customers. Over the past few years, extensive leaks of personal information have occurred in Japan and overseas, driving up demand for protecting personal information. The importance of protecting personal information is increasing in terms of legal rules, as the rules in European Union, requiring an even greater degree of information management.

Under these circumstances, the occurrence of a personal information leak could have various repercussions for NTT Group in the operations of its businesses, including damage to its corporate value and loss of customers, which makes it essential to rigorously manage personal information as a top priority.

Management Approach and System

Under the NTT Group Information Security Policy, we have formulated specific policies for protecting the personal information of customers and shareholders and policies for protecting specific personal information required by the introduction of Japan’s Social Security and Tax Number System. These policies are open to the public on our corporate website. In this policy, we also define how we respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use related to the personal information retained by NTT Group. We have put in place a security management system that ensures thorough and rigorous security practices, with the Chief Information Officer (CISO) placed in charge.

NTT Group companies in Japan have set up a structure for protecting personal information tailored to their individual business operations following Japan’s revised Personal Information Protection Act. Additionally, these companies have created various in-house rules and regulations and train employees to ensure their proper implementation. At the same time, they have established an organization to promote information security management and introduced security systems, as part of their varied activities. NTT Group companies outside Japan follow the laws and regulations of the countries they are in.

Policy on Protecting Personal Information

Quantitative Indicator

  • Number of incidents of personal information leaksNumber of incidents of personal information leaks

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