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Enrich Social Communication / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Generate Innovation

Why This is a CSR Priority Activity for the NTT Group

A number of new frameworks have been adopted for realizing a sustainable society on a global scale, including the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement, both adopted in 2015. There are a number of pressing issues in the world today in terms of the environment and society, which has caused expectations to rise for new innovations that can lead to solutions to these issues. The NTT Group believes that creating these innovations that will help resolve social issues will also invigorate our businesses and serve as important drivers ushering in important changes to our products, services and organization.

Management Approach and System

With respect to R&D undertaken by NTT Group, NTT’s three laboratory groups are responsible for conducting basic research that serves as the backbone of telecommunications, such as basic and component technologies related to services and networks, while each operating company conducts applied research that is more closely related to its business. NTT Group currently employs about 5,500 researchers and spends approximately 210 billion yen annually on R&D.

Also, we promote general producer activities, formulating marketing and business plans and forging alliances so that the results of research by NTT laboratories can be transformed into Group businesses. In these general producer activities, we seek to develop business in a timely manner by combining the wide-ranging basic technologies of NTT laboratories with external technologies in collaboration with Group companies and with various other companies to create new services.

In order for innovation to continually be an important driver of the NTT Group well into the future, we will aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting innovations for social issues. These efforts will include patent applications and the publication of scientific papers.

Quantitative Indicators

  • Number of patent applicationsNumber of patent applications
  • Number of scientific papers publishedNumber of scientific papers published
  • Participation in international standardization meetingsParticipation in international standardization meetings

Major Reports

  • NTT Group CSR
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  • NTT Group Environmental Activities
  • NTT Annual Report 2017

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