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NTT Group CSR Charter

The NTT Group has been working to achieve sustained growth through the resolution of social issues by referring to the NTT Group CSR Charter as its basic principles. The charter consists of a statement of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and the four CSR goals that outline specific priority aspects of our CSR activities.
In May 2016, we reviewed the NTT Group’s CSR Priority Activities, which represent the material issues pursued by Group companies, in a united effort to promote CSR and revised the NTT Group CSR Charter.

The NTT Group CSR Charter lays out four CSR goals aimed at the creation of a safe, secure and prosperous society through communications that serve people, communities, and the global environment.

NTT Group CSR Charter

Our Commitment

The NTT Group delivers the highest quality ICT solutions as a “Value Partner” for customers and contributes to the creation of a prosperous and sustainable society with vibrant communication.

Our CSR Goals

Our innovative ICT expertise enhances societal connectivity and convenience while providing a communications environment for addressing local and international challenges to sustainable community development.
2Protect the Global Environment
We reduce environmental impact throughout our business, apply ICT to alleviate the environmental load of society, and actively engage in resolving worldwide environmental issues.
3Ensure Reliable Communications
We address social and ethical concerns as an infrastructure enterprise that supports society while protecting livelihoods by securing online information in a robust communications environment that can withstand natural disasters and cyber-attacks.
4Unite the Energies of Team NTT
Team NTT and its partners maintain the highest ethical standards and respect for human rights in business; value diversity and personal growth in the workplace; and contribute to building vibrant local communities.

(May 12, 2016 revised)

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