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Atsugi R&D Center

Atsugi R&D Center's photo

3-1 Wakamiya, Morinosato, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0198

Atsugi R&D Center's map

Get off at Hon-Atsugi Station (Odakyu line) and go to the East exit bus center.
Then catch either the "Mori-no-Sato via Akabane Takamatsuyama" bus (Atsu44) or the"Mori-no-Sato via Funako Mori-no-Sato Aoyama" bus (Atsu45) from stop 9(25 minutes).

Get off at Aikou-Ishida Station (Odakyu line) and go the North exit bus center.
From there catch either the "Mori-no-Sato" bus (Ai17) or the "Shoin University" bus (Ai18) from stop 4.
Get off at the Electrical Communications Laboratories bus stop (20 minutes).

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