Message from the Director

Senichi Suzuki

Our communicative environment has become diversified as a result of the rapid spread of broadband services such as the Internet and high-definition video transmission services and new mobile multimedia services for smartphones. At NTT, we have been developing high-speed, large-capacity and sustainable photonic networks to provide these various broadband services safely, securely and in a user-friendly way. To enable us establish such photonic networks, at NTT Photonics Laboratories we are promoting the research and development of highly functional optical and high-speed electronic devices, and their related materials.
    Fiber-optics communication technologies are the most promising way to achieve high-speed and long-distance transmission. To maximize their potential for network systems, we require several important components including optical semiconductor and electrical devices for high-speed signal transceiver functions and lightwave processing devices for optical splitters, wavelength filters and optical path switches. We have been developing these key devices and putting them into practical use via our comprehensive R&D system, which integrates all aspects of the process from materials to completed devices. We plan to enhance the core device technologies and create innovative ways of supporting the great progress that has been made on broadband networks and services.
    With the continued support and collaboration of our partners, we at NTT Photonics Laboratories, are committed to generating cutting-edge optical/electrical devices for advanced communication networks and contributing to the realization of a society benefiting from smart communications.

Senichi Suzuki
Director, NTT Photonics Laboratories
July 2012