Due to the remarkable progress of technological innovations in the telecommunication industry, photonic technologies for telecommunication networks are gaining more and more significance. NTT Photonics Laboratories is working on the research and development of photonic device technology that supports such next generation innovations.

Our Mission

We have been working on research and development of photonics devices, electronic components, module and materials, which will bring the great innovation of the technology. Our goal is to contribute to the progress of the telecommunication business and to develop the new business including non-telecommunication field by using these technologies and promoting the commercialization of the technology.

Basic Principle

  • 1) To pursue innovative research, which creates the core competence
  • 2) To promote the commercialization of the products which is based on the core technology
  • 3) Enterprising development of new field business

Technological Field

Photonics Laboratories have developed the leading-edge photonics device by combining three core technologies: namely optical semiconductor technology, optical glass technology and ultra-high-speed electronic device technology. The achievement of R&D contributes to the advancement and economization of the network of NTT. Our R&D results are also supplied to the society globally through technology transfers and commercialization in NTT group companies.