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Director Akira Okada

NTT Device Technology Laboratories
Vice president Akira Okada

We at NTT Atsugi R&D Center reorganized our Microsystem Integration Laboratories and Photonics Laboratories into the Device Innovation Center and Device Technology Laboratories in July 2014. This reorganization provides the impetus for the development of new technologies by combining and integrating the electronics and photonics technologies that have been cultivated and promoted at the two former laboratories. In addition, it aims at driving in parallel both the widespread deployment of our R&D outcomes and the steady advancement of long-term technological development by sharing these roles between the Device Innovation Center and the Device Technology Laboratories, whose missions are practical development and implementation and the creation of new technologies, respectively.

Along with this role sharing, we at the Device Technology Laboratories will devote all our energy to developing new compelling technologies that will bring new dimensions or have a large impact on both business and society. We also emphasize the further strengthening of our core competence technologies, in addition to reading social trends, and creating new ones based on our proactive approach to interdisciplinary research and development.

We have seen the widespread introduction of smartphones and tablets in recent years and their convenience is widely recognized. LTE technology is being adopted for mobile communication at a good rate, and the number of wireless LAN hot spots is gradually increasing. Families can access FTTH easily and they can enjoy broadband services. The widespread introduction of FTTH has provided many customers with optical networking services at their homes. In the future, we will be able to utilize high-quality services via the network, and thus enjoy new experiences. We hope that advances in information and communication technology will help us to overcome certain social challenges. I expect our device technology research activities, which are creating new services, to become increasingly important coupled with information science and related software technologies.

In our laboratories, we plan to focus on developing social device technology as a pillar of those research activities to help us address various social challenges. And, in anticipation of an increase in traffic with network utilization, we will continue to promote the development of technologies that will help expand the processing ability and capacity of communications equipment.

We will promote research on photonics-electronics convergence devices, and attempt to create a new breakthrough technology. Moreover, we will steadily proceed with research on materials and devices, which has the potential to provide an important breakthrough. We will undertake this research and development in hopes of enhancing our lives, while understanding the light and shadow imposed by the progress of ICT.

Our NTT Device Technology Laboratories will contribute to the realization of an enriched society through these research and development activities.

In closing, I would be grateful for your support.

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