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Figure: Technology to Social Device Foundation to Photoelectric Fusion to Functional Material

Social Device Technology Laboratory

The laboratory conducts research on social device technology, which will bring about a revolution in user experience and help to address certain social challenges.

Biosensing technologies realized with optical devices

Lithium-air secondary battery technology

Materials evaluation technologies for telecom infrastructure

Photonics-Electronics Convergence Laboratory

The laboratory conducts research on integrated optoelectronics technology, which will overcome the performance limitations of devices and make it possible to introduce further innovation into telecommunications and information processing.

Spatial Planar Optical Circuit
-Innovative photonic circuit technology bringing out advantages of planar optical waveguides and free-space-optics-

Terahertz IC and Modularization Technology
-Opening up the terahertz waveband-

Optical packet switching technology - Hybrid Optoelectronic Packet Router -

Optical Signal Processing Using Planar Lightwave Circuits & High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Converters
- Innovative Photonics & Electronics for Future Large-Capacity Transmission -

Materials and Devices Laboratory

The laboratory conducts research on hetero-material integration, fabrication and process technologies for realizing devices that will bring about a paradigm shift in our daily lives through information and telecommunication technologies.

Silica PLC, semiconductor and photonic integrated device technologies

Crystal Growth and Fabrication Process Technologies for Compound Semiconductor Devices

Si nano-photonics platform technology

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