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Group Companies Search for profiles of NTT Group companies and links to their websites by company name (alphabetical listing) or affiliate group.

Use the sidebar to search by company name (alphabetical listing) or affiliate group.

See below for a diagram of NTT affiliate groups.

Diagram of NTT Affiliate Groups

Diagram of NTT Affiliate Groups

(As of November 30, 2014)

NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION. Regional Communications Support Group: NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION NTT-EAST, NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION NTT-WEST, Regional Communications Related Businesses: NTT-ME CORPORATION, NTT INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK CORPORATION, NTT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CORPORATION, NTT NEOMEIT CORPORATION, NTT MARKETING ACT CORPORATION, NTT FIELDTECHNO CORPORATION. Others: NTT DIRECTORY SERVICES Co., NTT Quaris Corporation, TelWel East Japan Corporation, NTT Solco Corporation, NTT CARD SOLUTION CORP. NTT EAST PROPERTIES, INC., NTT SOLMARE CORPORATION, NTT WEST ASSETPLANNING CORPORATION, TelWel West Nippon Corporation. And others. Long-Distance and International Communications Support Group: NTT Communications,Dimension Data Holdings plc. Internet and International Communications Related Businesses: NTT PC Communications Incorporated, NTT Plala Inc., NTT Resonant Inc., NTT America, Inc., NTT EUROPE LTD., NTT AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD., Verio Inc., NTT Com Security AG, Virtela Technology Services Incorporated, RagingWire Data Centers, Inc., RW Holdco, Inc., Rw Midco, Inc., Arkadin International SAS, Spectrum Holdings Inc, Dimension Data Commerce Centre Ltd, Dimension Data (US) second Inc, Dimension Data (US) Inc, Dimension Data North America, Inc. And others. Mobile Communications Support Group: NTT DOCOMO, INC. Mobile communications related businesses: DOCOMO Service Inc., DOCOMO Engineering Inc., DOCOMO Mobile Inc., DOCOMO Support Inc., DOCOMO Systems, Inc., DOCOMO Technology, Inc., DOCOMO Business Net, Inc., DOCOMO Guam Holdings, inc., Others: D2C Inc., mmbi,Inc., OAK LAWN MARKETING, INC., Tower Records Japan Inc., NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc., ABC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., DOCOMO Deutschland GmbH, Buongiorno S.p.A, net mobile AG, DOCOMO interTouch Pte. Ltd.. MCV Guam Holding Corp.. And others. Data Communications Support Group: NTT DATA Corporation. System Integration Related Businesses: NTT DATA i CORPORATION, NTT DATA KANSAI CORPORATION, XNET Corporation, Japan Information Processing Service Co.,Ltd., NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION, JSOL Corporation, NJK Corporation, NTTDATA CUSTOMER SERVICE CORPORATION, NTT DATA INTERNATIONAL L.L.C., NTT DATA EUROPE GmbH & Co. KG, itelligence AG, NTT Data Deutschland GmbH, NTT DATA International Services, Inc., NTT DATA, Inc., NTT DATA Italia S.p.A., NTT DATA EMEA Ltd., NTT DATA Enterprise Services Holding, Inc., NTT DATA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Everis Participaciones, S.L.. And others. Other Businesses Real Estate Businesses: NTT UD, UD EUROPE LIMITED. Financing Businesses: NTT FINANCE CORPORATION. Construction & Electricity Businesses: NTT FACILITIES, INC.. System Development Businesses: NTT COMWARE CORPORATION. Advanced Technology Development Businesses: NTT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, NTT Electronics Corporation, NTT Software Corporation. Others: NTT ADVERTISING, INC., InfoCom Research, Inc., NTT Human Solutions Corporation, NTT LEARNING SYSTEMS CORPORATION, NTT BUSINESS ASSOCIE Corporation, NTT LOGISCO Inc., NTT Broadband Platform, Inc., And others.

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