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The following are press releases issued during the past month.

Information is current as of the date of issue of the individual press release.
Please be advised that information may be outdated after that point.

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June 29

Formation of a Broadband Content Services Company
To develop a new marketplace in the age of broadband service


June 29

NTT East Submits Profit and Loss Statements by Services and for Voice Transmission Services and Leased Circuit Services

June 28

Commencement of Full-scale Fiber-optic IP Connection Service B-FLET'S

June 28

Rate Reduction for FLET'S ISDN andFLET'S ADSL Services

June 14

NTT has developed innovative light sources for cost-reduced optical transmission system
- 1.55um vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers operating with extremely low threshold current (1/100 compared to conventional lasers) -


June 4

Start of Joint Cooperative Trials Running a Distributed Content Production and Delivery Platform: Laying the Groundwork for Multi-Angle, Multi-Channel Broadcasting in the Broadband Age


NTT Communications

June 1

NTT Develops Network Security Technologies for providing Advanced Commercial Services in IPv6 Internet
-Enabling use of the Internet for secure leased lines and paid multicast networks-


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