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NTTis... Summer 2010

NTT’s Initiatives for Service Creation – Home ICT Version

We would like to introduce an example of the specific efforts being made regarding “service creation” addressed in NTT Group’s Medium-Term Management Strategy.

One day, while taking a walk.
In terms of Home ICT,

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Safe and convenient Home ICT is one of the pillars of NTT Group’s management strategy.
NTT Group is working towards early implementation of the service.

What is “Home ICT”?

~Safely using network devices with greater security, and with convenience through simplicity~

As presented in the comic, Home ICT will connect home appliances to networks to realize comfortable and convenient living. With the Home ICT environment, it will be easy to use a mobile phone, TV or other devices, to lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, view security camera images, record videos, monitor electric power usage and access data from healthcare devices.
In addition, Home ICT will help small and medium-sized enterprises and home-based businesses by improving business efficiency and convenience through simple unified management of PCs, servers, fax/copier/printer multifunctional devices and other office equipment.

Home ICT

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Future Developments and Direction

~Verification tests through collaboration with service providers~

NTT is working towards the commercialization of Home ICT in collaboration with a wide range of service providers.  A testbed environment for Home ICT was opened to the public in December 2009 and, with the goal of new service creation, verification tests were commenced with Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd., Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, NEC Corporation and BUFFALO INC.  Currently, these five corporations and other businesses wishing to develop services using the Home ICT platform are connecting their devices and applications to the testbed environment to verify their technologies.  Going forward, as tests identify devices that have practical utility, NTT plans to conduct network-based field testing with an eye to commercial launch.  NTT will work together with service providers to promote and expand services on Home ICT.

Verification tests through collaboration with service providers
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