Last updated : October 31, 2016

Effective contributions to the resolution of social and environmental issues serve to reduce medium-to-long-term risks for NTT Group while also increasing corporate value by helping realize a sustainable society.

As a "Value Partner," NTT Group will aim for the realization of sustainable growth together with stakeholders.

By providing NTT Group's ICT platforms to a diverse variety of partners in each industry, we will work to create new innovation through collaboration among companies in different fields. To contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues in Japan and overseas, NTT Group will strive to realize sustainable growth together with stakeholders as a "Value Partner" that customers continue to select.

NTT Group's Approach to Stakeholders

NTT Group conducts business in Japan and overseas. To increase business sustainability, NTT Group operates its business in an integrated, Groupwide manner while focusing on the expectations and needs of its various stakeholders.

NTT Group's Approach Examples of Engagement Reasons for Engagement
Customers (Enterprises and Individuals)
All customers, both enterprise and individual, who use services provided by NTT Group
Aiming to be selected by customers as a "Value Partner," each individual employee will strive for an even higher awareness of CSR to provide safe, secure services that are high in quality and convenient from the customer's standpoint.
  • Venues for customer inquiries
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Utilization of websites and social media
  • Publication of yearly reports (Annual Reports, etc.)
NTT Group endeavors to understand customer needs and perspectives in order to provide customers with higher-quality products and services and thereby increase customer satisfaction while at the same time striving to become a "Value Partner" to customers.
Shareholders and Investors
Individual and institutional investors including the shareholders and creditors of NTT Group
We will return profits to shareholders while maintaining a sound financial standing and enhancing our corporate value. We will also endeavor to disclose information related to the Group in a timely, fair, and impartial manner.
  • General Meetings of Shareholders and financial results announcements
  • Explanatory presentations for individual investors
  • Explanatory presentations for institutional investors
  • Publication of yearly reports (Annual Reports, etc.)
By communicating with shareholders and other investors, we provide information necessary for investment decisions and help ensure that the Group is properly evaluated. We also utilize input received through interactions in Group management.
Employees (Employees, Their Families, and Retired Employees)
Employees who work at NTT Group, their families, and retired employees who support NTT Group's CSR ideals
We will advance various employee initiatives to create safe and healthy workplaces in which everyone can realize their full potential and be rewarded in their work and daily lives. We will also value communication with retired employees.
  • Conducting employee satisfaction surveys
  • Regular interviews
  • Communication between management and employees
  • Groupwide Corporate Ethics Help Line
  • CSR conferences
By creating safe and healthy workplaces and providing lifestyle support for employees, we hope to enable them to realize their full potential and to go about their work while remaining highly aware of CSR.
Local Communities
People in local communities who are connected to us through the core businesses of NTT Group companies
We will advance alongside local communities by making social contributions and implementing disaster countermeasures through our business activities.
  • Support and collaboration through social contribution activities
  • Negotiation with local community residents when constructing or installing equipment
  • Donations, sponsorship, and other support
Through engagement, we strive to contribute to the development of enriched local communities and also to understand the issues faced by communities in order to make social contributions and implement disaster countermeasures.
Business Partners
Business partners who provide a range of cooperation in the provision of NTT Group services
We will aim to work together to create and roll out services to resolve a variety of social issues.
  • Creation of inquiry forms
  • Disclosure of procurement policies and guidelines, etc.
  • Surveys for suppliers
  • Explanatory presentations for suppliers
Engagement with business partners helps us procure products that take into account the environment, human rights, and other issues and build fair partnerships to exercise CSR and continue growing together with our business partners.
ICT Companies and Industry Associations
Other ICT companies and people in industry associations who are striving to develop information and telecommunications
We will engage in discussions on the direction and initiatives for the information and telecommunications industry, not only in Japan but from a global perspective, and seek to address diverse social issues together.
  • Entry into industry associations
  • Participation in committees, etc.
Through discussions on the direction and initiatives for the information and telecommunications industry, we will invigorate the entire industry and contribute to society through telecommunications development and advancement.
Central Government and Administrative Agencies
Central and local governments that make policy decisions on information and telecommunications, employment and the economy, the environment, and other issues
We will fulfill our responsibility as an information and telecommunications company by adhering to the policies of the central government, administrative agencies, and local governments.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Suggestions for government policy
  • Participation in public-private partnership projects
We aim to conduct appropriate business activities while adhering to the policies of the central government and local governments and to help resolve the social issues faced by the central government and local governments.

NTT Group exercises CSR through social and environmental initiatives.

NTT Group exercises CSR through initiatives for enhancing corporate value by contributing to the resolution of social and environmental issues. In recent years, an increasing amount of global activity for realizing a sustainable society has been seen, as visible in such events as the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. At the same time, the business scope of the Group has been transforming as it develops global businesses and transitions to the B2B2X model. In light of this transformation, in May 2016, we revised NTT Group CSR Priority Activities, which define material issues for the CSR activities to be addressed through a concerted effort by Group companies, and also modified NTT Group CSR Charter.
NTT Group CSR Charter consists of a statement of our commitment to CSR and the four CSR goals that outline specific priority aspects of our CSR activities.

Our Commitment

NTT Group delivers the highest quality ICT solutions as a "Value Partner" for customers and contributes to the creation of a prosperous and sustainable society with vibrant communication.

Our CSR Goals

1. Enrich Social Communication

Our innovative ICT expertise enhances societal connectivity and convenience while providing a communications environment for addressing local and international challenges to sustainable community development.

2. Protect the Global Environment

We reduce environmental impact throughout our business, apply ICT to alleviate the environmental load of society, and actively engage in resolving worldwide environmental issues.

3. Ensure Reliable Communications

We address social and ethical concerns as an infrastructure enterprise that supports society while protecting livelihoods by securing online information in a robust communications environment that can withstand natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

4. Unite the Energies of Team NTT

Team NTT and its partners maintain the highest ethical standards and respect for human rights in business; value diversity and personal growth in the workplace; and contribute to building vibrant local communities.

CSR Priority Activities

  • * For more details regarding NTT Group CSR Priority Activities and related performance in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, please refer to NTT Group Sustainability Report 2016.