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ProfilesLast updated : June 25, 2013

Chairman of the Board Satoshi Miura  
President & CEO Hiroo Unoura  
Senior Executive Vice Presidents Yasuyoshi Katayama (In charge of technical strategy, In charge of risk management)
Hiroki Watanabe (In charge of business strategy)
Executive Vice President Hiromichi Shinohara (Director of Research and Development Planning Department, In charge of international standardization)
Senior Vice Presidents Yoshikiyo Sakai (Director of Finance and Accounting Department)
Mitsuyoshi Kobayashi (Director of Technology Planning Department, Director of Strategic Business Development Division)
Akira Shimada (Director of General Affairs Department, Director of Internal Control Office, General Affairs Department)
Hiroshi Tsujigami (Director of Corporate Strategy Planning Department)
Tsunehisa Okuno (Director of Global Business Office)
Katsuhiko Shirai  
Sadayuki Sakakibara  
Full-time Corporate Auditors Kiyoshi Kosaka  
Corporate Auditors Toru Motobayashi  
Yoshitaka Makitani  
Michiko Tomonaga  
Seiichi Ochiai  
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