Value Creation Process

Last updated : November 6, 2018

NTT Group is working together with its partners to pursue ongoing improvements in its distinctive corporate value through digital transformations. In these transformations, we will leverage the strengths we have cultivated over the years, namely, our robust domestic and overseas customer base,*1 global brand image,*2 human resources,*3 and world-leading R&D capabilities.*4

  • *1 No.1 shares for fiber-optic access services (approx. 68%) and mobile access services (approx. 45%) in Japan; 88% of the top 100 Fortune Global 500 companies are NTT customers
  • *2Rated 20th in the world in Brand Finance Global 500
  • *3116,000 employees (approximately 40% of all employees) work overseas
  • *4Included among Clarivate Analytics' Top 100 Global Innovators

Accelerating our self-transformation to become “Your Value Partner 2025” to contribute to the realization of sustainable society/[Ongoing Improvements of Corporate Value]Creation of social value/Social Issue Resolution/Contribution to the resolution of social issues worldwide/Lifestyle Change/Expansion of upside potential and reduction of downside risks/Expansion of economic value [Management Fundamentals]Industry Leading/Best in Class/Cutting Edge/Global/Local/Intelligence/People Diversity and Inclusion/Technical Expertise/Services Expertise/Shared Values/Connect/Trust/Integrity/[Input]/[“Your Value Partner 2025” NTT Group Medium-Term Management Strategy]Support our customersf Digital Transformations/Accelerate our own Digital Transformation/Leverage talent, technologies, and assets/Promote ESG management and enhance the returns to shareholders to improve corporate value/[Outcome]


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