Message from the CEO

Last updated : December 8, 2017

Implementing measures for a B2B2X model towards new value creation [Representative Member of the Board,President and Chief Executive Officer Hiroo Unoura 鵜浦博夫]

In May 2015, NTT Group announced its Medium-Term Management Strategy, “Towards the Next Stage 2.0,” and NTT Group is continuously working to improve its corporate value as a “Value Partner” that customers continue to select.

During the six-month period ended September 30, 2017, in its fixed-line communications business segment, subscriptions for the “Hikari Collaboration Model” reached 10 million as a result of continued promotion efforts, and now represent approximately half of the 20.39 million total subscriptions to fiber-optic services.

In the mobile communications business segment, NTT strengthened its customer base through, among others, the expansion of its billing plans such as “docomo with,” promoted the sales of “docomo Hikari,” and enhanced services in the Smart Life area.

In global businesses, NTT worked to expand its NTT Communications group data center business and to achieve profit recovery for Dimension Data.

As a result of these efforts, NTT Group's operating revenues for the six-month period ended September 30, 2017 were ¥5,664.8 billion, operating income was ¥975.2 billion, representing increases in both operating revenues and operating income for the period. NTT Group will continue to work to reach its financial results forecasts of ¥11,750 billion in operating revenues and ¥1,590 billion in operating income for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018.

In addition, NTT Group's B2B2X model initiatives during the six-month period ended September 30, 2017 included collaborations with various business partners such as connected cars that allow connectivity to networks, and the expansion of Smart Stadiums that provide new soccer-viewing experiences.

NTT Group will continue to strive for new value creation such as solving social issues and lifestyle reforms through the promotion of the B2B2X model, while creating competitive technologies through research and development, which is NTT Group's source of growth.

We kindly ask for your continued understanding and support.

2017 December