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Environmental management

The NTT Group Environmental Statement

The NTT Group has formulated "The NTT Group Environmental Statement" to serve as a frame work for our environmental activities. In the statement, we have expressed the future of our planet that stakeholders and the NTT Group are creating and the kind of enterprise we would like to be in that future.

In the future of "People & Planet in Harmony," a sustainable society has been realized and everything in the world is connected and communicating. To realize that future, the NTT Group will engage in environmental activities with the aim of becoming a member of eco-friendly corporations in the world.

We envision three futures in which people are living in harmony with the planet. While focused on realizing those futures, we will continue to develop our core competencies: developing and providing the most advanced ICT services and technologies.

NTT Group Environmental Statement

The NTT Group Environmental Statement

People & Planet in Harmony
Dedicated to Environmental Preservation

To ensure a future that is better for all life on Earth,
we are devoting a great amount of resources to groundbreaking technological advances
and superior eco-oriented ICT services.

  • Realizing a Low Carbon FutureRealizing a Low Carbon

    We are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and facilitating adaptation to climate change.

  • Implementing Closed Loop RecyclingImplementing Closed Loop Recycling

    We are working toward more effective resource allocation.

  • Planning a Future of Natural HarmonyPlanning a Future of Natural Harmony

    We are contributing to the preservation of ecosystems.

* Adaptation: A response to the effects of climate change defined as "an action that moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities" according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Adaptation is positioned as an action that complements the effects of mitigation, such as reducing CO2 emissions.

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