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Environmental protection activities/Planning a Future of Natural Harmony

Natural HarmonyPlanning a Future of Natural Harmony

To realize a future where the beauty and bounty of our natural world is sustained, we have set the target for fiscal 2031 as Preservation of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Preservation of the Earth’s Ecosystem
We will play our part in preserving ecosystems by actively promoting initiatives through all our activities and by collaborating with our stakeholders.


Recognizing ecosystem as the foundation that sustains our social activities, we will promote preservation of the Earth’s ecosystem. We will pursue initiatives centered on preserving biodiversity and work to solve issues related to the blessings from these ecosystems, such as water and food.


  • Promote activities for preserving ecosystems, such as tree planting and greening, both inside and outside the Company
  • Carry out educational activities and human resource development both inside and outside the Company
  • Promote R&D that contributes to preserving ecosystems
  • Engage in initiatives with employees of the Group as well as with customers and local communities
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