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NTT and Wildlife

Connecting for wildlife. The NTT Group’s commitment to the conservation of biodiversity

As an Information Communications and Technology (ICT) company, the NTT Group considers “connecting” to be our mission. We consider “connecting” to be an important keyword for conserving biodiversity. We are committed to promoting “connections,” for and between wildlife and their surroundings

Connecting wildlife with our daily lives / Supporting ecosystem-friendly agriculture through ICT Connecting wildlife with our daily lives / ICT for optimal cattle breeding in a natural environment Connecting habitats and wildlife / Tree-planting by company employees and their families Connecting habitats and wildlife / Installing bridges that allow small animals to cross safely

The “Connecting” Efforts of the NTT Group

We achieve three kinds of “Connections” with the NTT Group’s services, technologies, and manpower.

Connecting people and wildlife

Learning about the connection between ourselves and wildlife, and exploring avenues for action

Connecting wildlife with our daily lives

Efforts to make our daily lives a positive influence on wildlife

Connecting habitats and wildlife

Protecting and connecting wildlife habitats

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