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Environmental protection activitiesRealizing a Low Carbon Future

[Example] Adaptation to climate change

The NTT group is moving forward with initiatives for the adaptation of the NTT Group and of society, by striving to actively develop and disseminate the most advanced ICT services and technologies. We will play our part in adapting to climate change, and ushering a low carbon future.

Adaptation of the NTT Group Disaster-resilient telecommunications networks and equipment

The NTT Group is striving to develop disaster-resilient telecommunications networks and equipment. These initiatives are disaster mitigation measures that we can continue providing telecommunications services in the event of a disaster as well as adaptation measures for disasters caused by climate change.

Adaptation of society by providing ICT Mobile ICT unit

We provide mobile boxes and automobiles equipped with communications, information processing and storage functions to enable the swift recovery of communication functions in areas affected by a disaster. We also offer functions for collecting data on the people affected. These services contribute to disaster prevention measures for society and adaptation measures for disasters caused by climate change.

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