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NTT Network Innovation Laboratories


Wireless Systems Innovation Laboratory

We aim to create fast (1 Gbps wireless LAN, 10 Gbps media transmission) and flexible (software wireless platform that can accommodate low-speed sensor networks) wireless home networks that enhances FTTH, enabling the use of home networks and wireless access communications, outside the home, across different systems.

Wireless Systems Innovation Laboratory

Multiuser MIMO

To implement giga-bit-class wireless home networks that can connect anywhere in the home, we are conducting R&D on a multi-user MIMO technology. This technology is able to achieve high system throughput by using multiple antennas on the wireless LAN base station for precision control over beam-forming and perform space-division multiple-access for multiple terminals.

Near-field high-speed transmission technology using 60-GHz band

NTT has researched and developed wireless transceivers that cover all four channels allocated in the 60-GHz band. Our technology will realize near-field high-speed transmission of gigabyte class content from kiosk terminals, recorders, and home gateways to portable devices.

Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio Technologies

We are conducting R&D on a flexible wireless system that applies cognitive wireless technology in order to implement wireless access that accommodates all wireless schemes from low-speed ubiquitous data to high-speed wireless LAN, without requiring the user to be aware of it.

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