Nov. 25, 2002

Vision for a new optical generation
-- Broadband leading to the world of resonant communication --

The NTT Group has developed the "Vision for a new optical generation -- Broadband leading to the world of resonant communication," which provides an overview of and our vision for the full-scale Broadband Ubiquitous (*1) era that will be brought about by optics in the next five years.
The vision is the common concept that binds together the NTT Group of companies and the group will work towards realization of a resonant communication network environment that offers superior usability and creation of a wide range of new services and new business opportunities to take advantage of this new type of network.

- Resonant communication -
The new-generation communication environment using optics resonates and evolves with society.
In this environment, people, as well as companies and other parts of society will:
become "interactive" using broadband;
be connected by a ubiquitous network "anytime, anywhere and with anyone or anything";
enjoy superior usability that is "secure, reliable and simple".
The adjectival form of the verb "resonate" meaning "to ring in harmony, vibrate sympathetically or echo".



To be everywhere at the same time (Latin).

1. Society in the resonant communication generation
2. Applying resonant communication environment to society and economy
3. Realizing a resonant communication environment
4. Research and development to support the resonant communication environment

[Data volume]
Resonant communication environment
New behavior model in resonant communication environment
[ Example of multiplizing of individuals ]
Social participation model for seniors
Business model of "intelligence" possessed by an individual
[ Example of Web-chain ]
High-efficiency model of business process in enterprise
Creation model for new business opportunities based on SOHO-type management
Impact on Japanese market by development of resonant communication environment
Market expansion with the resonant communication environment
Broadband market projections (services and contents)
Internet-user household projections
Network development toward resonant communications environment
Image of network supporting resonant communications environment
Creating new business models through resonant communications environment
Results of investigation of broadband using questionnaire (1)
Results of investigation of broadband using questionnaire (2)
Images of services available 5-10 years in the future

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